New Commercial Roofing System Construction

Superior Roofing has been providing new construction commercial roofing since 2007 and our extensive experience of estimators and professional work have the ability to get the job done on schedule and the first time around.

Our proprietary system of designing your new commercial roof and carrying out the work is planned very carefully with a team of in-house experts that you will be working closely with. As a business owner we understand the value of your time so expect to be informed and educated through the entire time we work together.

We strive to help our client achieve the results they desire with precise estimates that factor in time and budget.

Leak Detection

There are more leaky and deteriorating residential roofs than we can possibly count. Most of these roofs need out there that need attention from an experienced Bakersfield roofing expert. Superior Roofing is the go-to experts at detecting leaks and other damages to roofs that need improvements.

Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Our goal as your regular maintenance roofer would be to advise you on what fundamental, proactive service needs to be completed before you enter into an inspection. This may include but not limited to washing out the drains so rainwater can run easily and not clog up. 

Roof Restoration

Superior Roofing has been successfully working with property managers, real estate brokers, and Bakersfield CA homeowners since 2005. Our extensive roofing and management team, development expertize and dedication to our clients have afforded Superior Roofing with the industry reputation as "Bakersfield Roofing Contractor Experts".

Roof Inspections

When you're searching for a certified Bakersfield Home Inspection our quality service will give you a peace of mind when purchasing a new home. Our goal is to inspect insulation, roofing structure, heating/cooling units, and electrical.

Bakersfield Roof

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When you're searching for a commercial contractor in the Bakersfield region that is capable of taking on large industrial projects we believe we are perfect for the job.

Whether the job entails a flat TPO roofing system or a steep slope we have an in-house team of certified professionals to complete your project.

We are currently offering Free estimates and allow you to speak with one of our experienced estimators so you have the chance to ask all questions you need to proceed.


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Learn How We Can Help With Your New Commercial Roofing System

Superior Roofing offers professional high-quality commercial roofing services including new construction. When selecting a new roofing scheme it may feel like your options are infinite. And we feel it's imperative to understand that not all systems are created equal.

We would suggest taking in all the flexibility you have to make an informed decision. Whether it be your building managers or a team of experts that will research and help you decide. When you have so many different types of roofs out there and even more sales people trying to pitch you on their manufactures how do you narrow it down?

We're sure you're already contemplating these questions but let's break it down into the most important considerations.The obvious one is your geographical situation. Now we understand we are most likely preaching to the choir here but let's consider our building codes and weather tendencies.

Every roofing system in Bakersfield, CA is unique in its own way. However, it would be a good move to factor in the intense heat Kern County offers up.Another area you may want to focus on is the size and age of your structure. Do you have a lot of foot traffic on your roof?

This can play a role year down the road. It would be a good idea to take into account if you have a lot of people working your building. As you know a retail store has many different needs than an industrial type of development.

Indeed, a budget always plays a major role in the decision making. Get with your team of financial experts and create at least a 25-year budget forecast and factor in maintenance.

Get with a trusted roofing company and go over a game plan. Accurate and proper application of your new commercial roofing system is imperative. Be absolutely sure your contractor is certified, experienced and knowledgeable.

When it comes to commercial roofing systems you will find three main elements. Waterproofing, reinforcement, and surfacing.

Some buildings have certain features that carry out multiple functions. For example, the BUR (Built Up Roof) system utilized layers of base sheet, interplay sheets, and cap sheet. The BUR is commonly referred to as tar roofs.

Another popular roofing system that may perform more than one role is the APP and SBS modified bitumen. These substances perform extremely well compared traditional asphalt. The science behind this development is extremely useful in today's world and when added to unheated asphalt deliver a plastic feature.

Our locally based and experienced team of estimators are ready to help with your new roof construction venture! Superior Roofing of Bakersfield has strong ties to commercial real estate owners and have helped many install new roofing systems for over 10 years.

Feel FREE to reach out to us with questions via phone or email. Provide your contact information and our team of experts will be in touch immediately. We ready to earn your business.

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