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When it comes to clay tile roof installation you will discover many options due to the popularity of these roofing products in the Bakersfield area. As a certified installer for GAF, Certain Teed, Owens Corning, and Eagle Roofing Products we recommend clay tile roofing if you’re wanting longevity. We can help you find the best clay tile option for your home. Click to call today at (661) 679-6923 to schedule a consultation and roofing quote.

Clay Tile Roofing Installation

Leak Detection

There are more leaky and deteriorating residential roofs than we can possibly count. Most of these roofs need out there that need attention from an experienced Bakersfield roofing expert. Superior Roofing is the go-to experts at detecting leaks and other damages to roofs that need improvements.

Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Our goal as your regular maintenance roofer would be to advise you on what fundamental, proactive service needs to be completed before you enter into an inspection. This may include but not limited to washing out the drains so rainwater can run easily and not clog up. Additionally, removing vegetation and common debris from the rooftop, and cleaning areas of water after a heavy rainfall.

Roof Restoration

Superior Roofing has been successfully working with property managers, real estate brokers, and Bakersfield CA homeowners since 2005. Our extensive roofing and management team, development expertize and dedication to our clients have afforded Superior Roofing with the industry reputation as “Bakersfield Roofing Contractor Experts”.

Roof Inspections

When you’re searching for a certified Bakersfield Home Inspection our quality service will give you a peace of mind when purchasing a new home. Our goal is to inspect insulation, roofing structure, heating/cooling units, and electrical.

Bakersfield Roof

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If you have been on the lookout for a roofer in Bakersfield that is capable of handling a residential job you are on the right track.

However, you may or may not be familiar with the process of hiring a roofing contractor. And that’s completely ok. We pride ourselves on educating our clients and bringing them up to speed on understanding what it takes to complete a successful roofing project.

This is why we offer Free quotes and allow you to speak with one of our experienced estimators so you have the chance to ask all questions you need to proceed. Even if you don’t decide to do business with us we are still willing to add value by educating you free of charge.

Learn How We Can Help

Besides quality work we produce we do not take safety lightly and that goes for our employees or anyone else that is going to be on our job site. A lot of the times contractors get caught up in the work they are performing and neglect the importance of creating a safe environment.

That is not the case with Superior Roofing. Even though our staff is trained by the best and do the best to perform their job, we also train how to work as safe as possible.

Although our upper management takes full responsibility for safety we believe that proper training will lead to fewer accidents. Our in-house team of professionals instructs our employees on a daily basis to work according to all safety procedures.

Fall Protection

Fall protection can be the difference between losing a life and saving a life. All too many times do we hear about the horror stories of construction workers taking nasty spills from heights. Superior Roofing understands these risk on a high level so we wanted to educate our readers about fall safety and how everyone in the construction workforce can implement best practices.

OSHA has enforced regulations for the construction world and recently created a safety procedure that anyone who is working above 6 feet from the ground has to utilize fall protection for their personal safety.

Now there are several types of fall protection systems that are available to workers who need to accomplish a task above 6 feet.

  • Full body harness that is tied off to a stable anchor point.
  • Guarded rails around the work area.
  • Safety nets
  • Lanyards

All of these types of fall protection are for the safety of our construction workers across the U.S. and everyone who uses these devices should be trained on how to properly use these fall systems.

Avoiding dangerous circumstances

Superior Roofing grants every worker the power to shut down an operation if he or she sees a potential safety hazard and not have to worry about being punished. Just because somebody is not a manager or authority figure at the workplace doesn’t mean they can’t spot a dangerous situation and more importantly prevent one.

A potential hazard can always be lurking around the corner when roofing and all it takes is a split second for an accident to occur. Staying alert and fresh throughout the day is crucial. As a result, this may save a life or serious injury.

That being said if you’re curious about what a potentially dangerous situation may be we have cited some examples for you. Some of the most common hazards out there are listed below:

  • Trips and falls
  • Electric shocks
  • Dangerous weather conditions
  • Stricken by heavy moving objects

These are all scary types of hazards workers face on a day to day basis and almost every accident can be prevented. All it takes is for the crews to work together as a team and never be in a rush to complete a task. As we say, “slow and steady always wins the race.”

Ladder safety. This has to be one of the most overlooked and underestimated hazards on a roofing construction site. We climb ladders all day long and at times we get complacent. I think we are all guilty of that one.

Consequently when we lose respect for any piece of equipment that is usually the time when it will strike us and cause injury. Staying cautious is good but even if too cautious to the point of being scared that is another sure way to get hurt on the job. Our safety team encourages the employee to stay on their toes at all times and be the offense. Not the other way around.

Material handling. Muscle strains, ankle sprains, back problems can all occur from handling materials the improper way. Working on a roofing construction site can obviously take it’s toll on your body and especially if you’re in it for the long run.

Nevertheless, we always want to implement the safe handling of materials or any other awkward objects we carry on a day to day basis. There are some excellent ways to preserve the body when performing physical labor. Check them out below:

  • Do a walk around of your environment before you get the day started. Make sure you know the slips, trips, and fall hazards around the site. Things tend to start picking up in a hurry as the day progresses and you will find yourself going at full speed. It’s always a good idea to know your surroundings.
  • Eliminate the heavy lifting. All of us men have the animal instinct and never want to show weakness. That being said it’s always a good idea to work smarter and not harder. You will see all of the old school dudes doing this with perfection.
  • Stage materials close to your work area so you and fellow workers don’t have to strain too hard when carrying materials one location to another.Use the heavy machinery to help you lift anything that will put a strain on your back.
  • Last but not least work together and get help when needed. Having pride or being timid about asking for help is discouraged on our job sites. As a team jobs go smoother and we get the work done more efficiently.

Quality Work Combined With Efficiency

Whatever type of situation we are presented 99.9% of the time we can find a solution for it.

Superior Roofing is dedicated to providing far more value in return than we receive in pay. We have lived by this model ever since we fired up and it’s been our formula for success.

Whether we’re working on a major commercial project or being called on for air conditioning service in Bakersfield in a small residential neighborhood all of our work is quality to the max. Professionals in the roofing industry guide our staff in day to day operations and provide the expertise it takes to run a well-oiled machine like Superior Roofing of Bakersfield CA.

All things considered, we also enjoy educating our readers about the roofing industry. When you gain knowledge in a certain field or industry it makes zero sense to keep it all to yourself. That said let’s dive into some of the types of roofs we deal with and give you a better understanding of what these type of roofs are.

Gable Roofs. Every roof that has ever been designed have been built with some sort of a slope so rain, snow, and whatever else mother nature tends to throw at us doesn’t gather and caved your roof in. Makes sense right?

This type of roof is your traditional sloping roof that has two sides that slope that comes together forming a triangular shape. Usually, the gable roof will have a high pitched point

As Bakersfield residents, we obviously don’t have to worry about snowfall but when gable roofs are built in those environments builders will design the slope degree by calculating the amount of snow the roof is going to be taking on.

Flat Roofs. To begin with, flat roofs, let’s first start off by understanding there are many different types of flat roofs. We won’t dive too much into all of them due to the fact that we will need a separate article to fully cover the flat roof. Instead, let’s simply graze the surface.

The Built-up Roof is constructed by several layers of asphalt and is guarded by a substance called aggregate. The aggregate will allow the lifespan to last many years over and preventing deterioration the roofs suffer from its natural environments such as hot summers or heavy snowfall.

Modified Bitumen Roof Systems are an excellent choice for commercial buildings because of its ability to waterproof the roof. A high performance modified bitumen is connected to the structure so it can live through high winds and heavy rainfall.

Rubber Membrane Roofs are made to withstand severe summers like we all know about here in Bakersfield CA. Every roofing contractor has their own way of installing rubber membrane but the most common way would be to fasten or even glued to the roof surface.

Hip Roofs. The hip roof is when all slopes will go downward toward your wall structure. These are a popular choice is you desire high ceilings and like the extra room to add chandeliers or other decorations.

Hip roofs are commonly used in cities that experience very high winds because the hip roof is built very sturdy and compared to the gable roof is a lot more stable. As a result of this, the hip roof is more than likely going to cost a homeowner more money than the gable roof. Another note on the hip roof is they seem to be more accessible to leaks because of the increased seems.

Butterfly Roofs. The fancy butterfly roof is not a common type of roof and you won’t see them on a regular basis. Butterfly roofs provide a luxurious look with an inspiring aerodynamic design.

As we know when we’re wanting luxury and complex types of property it’s going to cost us. These types of roofs can be complex to build and takes an above average contractor to pull it off properly.

One of the main functions of the butterfly roof is to gather water and reuse water. The inward gables slope so the roof is able to catch water and drain off the roof easily. A very creative way to help with the water droughts we have had to deal with in California.

Due to the aerodynamic engineering associated with butterfly roofs, they are very good in high wind regions. In the long run, this can save a property owner from having to repair roofs due to storms.

A-Frames. These roofs can be also referred to as common trussed roofs. The A-frame roof has two very steep sides. This type of roof is constructed with many a-frames and joist and rafters equal throughout the structure.

Ideally, you will see the A-frame roofs in a snow type of weather due to the very high pitched design preventing snow from gathering and collapsing the row.

Never the less Superior Roofing has dealt with many types of roofs and slopes and we take immense pride in the teamwork we use to get every job completed with quality assurance.

Best Warranties Around

Even though we know our work is a quality we like to back it up with a guarantee. This way we can ease your mind when deciding to replace your home’s roof.

Superior Roofing is in this business for the long term and we want to keep our customers for the long term as well. That is why we provide some of the industries best warranties for your new roof. Contact us to find out what we have to offer (661) 679-6923

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