Commercial Roof Replacements Are Expensive & Time Consuming. We Have A Better Way.

Simplifying Commercial Roof Replacements in Bakersfield, CA.

“How we helped Urner's of Bakersfield, CA restore their roofing system without major tear-off.”

Why Complete Roof Replacements Are A Bad Idea... 

Feel free to skip the “construction money pit” And find out how our commercial clients are restoring their roofing systems without a significant tear out...

  • Even if you have multiple roofing layers...
  • Your building needs several roof repairs.
  • Or you're dealing with an outdated roofing system.

For most businesses, roof replacements are inevitable and lead to intense pressure. We can quickly get wrapped up in the details and get overburdened by all that needs to be done. Obviously, this is a big venture, and you'll want to be well prepared.

So if you've been thinking of restoring your commercial roof and want to avoid disrupting operations and paying for a complete replacement, I believe we can help.

Introducing our clients Urner's & Z's Please Sleep Center, located at 4110 Wible Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93313. Urner's has been helping people in Kern County get the best home appliances possible since 1919. And we are very grateful for the quality products and services they've provided to our community over the years.

Urner's had big plans to integrate solar panels into their roofing system, but the roof was outdated and could not support the weight. They knew they had to act fast but DID NOT want to invest in a complete tear-off for several reasons...

  • They wanted to avoid shutting down operations.
  • The roof was in decent shape and just needed more support for solar panels...
  • Did not see the value in a total roof replacement.

I'm sure you can relate if you own or manage a commercial building. The building also dealt with other roofing problems like damaged flashing, punctures, and pondering water. Many of these issues arise from metal expanding and contracting during extreme weather.

This is a severe problem for many businesses. Our clients don’t care if 99% of their roof isn't leaking. They need a solution that keeps their building protected and does not cost an arm and a leg.

And Whether It’s Obvious Or Unpredicted, Roofing Problems Bring Unwelcomed and Annoying Expenses.

One thing a lot of contractors won't tell you is a roof replacement is like investing in a luxury vehicle. Once it’s completed, it's the best it will ever look or be worth.

A new roof should do its job for half of its life, but it can deteriorate quickly and without warning when you get into the later years. 

Unfortunately, issues are inevitable as the roof matures. And failing to keep up with maintenance could bring catastrophic consequences such as...

Major leaks and excessive condensation.

Open seams that result in blowoffs.

Perforations from excessive foot traffic.

Urners Bakersfield TPO Roof Project

Can You Afford To Procrastinate And Allow Roofing Difficulties Run Away From You?

Sure, you can try to cut corners, continue paying for minor repairs, and hope nothing major occurs.

But Urner’s was not going to allow roofing issues to stop them from achieving their long-term building goals.

Even a small amount of downtime would cause a drop in productivity, and most of our commercial clients are in a similar boat. They also understood how important it is to protect their inventory and office equipment from weather conditions.

But the primary concern is the employees. As honest employers, we lookout for the well-being of our valued workers. 

And by delaying a roof replacement, you could be putting people at risk, particularly if water is infiltrating your building. Over time, workers could be exposed to mold that triggers wheezing, sore throats, and other allergic conditions.

And indeed, we don’t want this...

Now like we said our clients at Urner’s needed to replace their roofing system but did not need to:

  • Shut down operations for a big tear-off. Most commercial roof replacements require a massive removal of the old roofing system. And this interferes with business processes.tear-off
  • Deal with materials lying around the property. Big construction sites can potentially scare off customers. Not many people want to go into a business while under construction.
  • Disrupt business with intense construction noise. Have salespeople who need to communicate effectively? Try making important sales calls while roofers are tearing out.

And what were about to reveal is How Urner’s Restored their Roofing System without a major tear-off...

Hello, I’m David, the marketing director with Superior Roofing. Since 2005 Superior Roofing has been helping commercial property owners restore their roofing systems without major tear-offs and construction.

And we could have never helped our commercial clients achieve this if it wasn't for our...

Silicone Restoration Membrane (SRM) Service.

Let me lay it out for you. As you may know, SRM is a liquid application that is sprayed onto your current roofing structure. Our certified installers have mastered the process and have made it as simple as possible.

Silicone roof coatings offer advanced solutions, longevity, weather resistance, and high UV protection that make it a no-brainer for a building owner. Also, silicone-based applications are white to reflect the sun and save on energy.

Another significant benefit of SRM coatings is the flexible texture. This is important in areas with a broad spectrum of temperatures throughout the year. Having the ability to expand and contract with a wide range of temperatures, allows the coatings to last longer than traditional roofing solutions.

And as for Urner’s, they also needed a solution to help keep their A/C units cool and operate more efficiently. So the SRM reflective coating system was perfect for decreasing temperatures on the rooftops during the obnoxiously hot summers we experience in Bakersfield.

Here are a few more benefits of our SRM services:

  • Silicone coating will last from 15 to 20 years. As you may know, you’ll need to consider your environment and foot traffic. But with our warranty, we're just a call away.consider
  • Reduce cost and is usually 4x less than a total re-roof. Urner’s had a few minor roof repairs that had to be completed along with power washing and seam repair. However, they avoided major construction and never had to shut down operations.
  • Silicone Restoration Membrane is deemed maintenance. Our coating services delivered an up-to-date waterproofing layer on the existing membrane. What does this mean for you? Californian building codes only allow two roofing layers to be installed. Like our client Urner’s, you can now apply these coatings numerous times without technically adding multiple roofs. When Urner’s decided to invest in SRM coatings, technically, it was not considered another roof layer.

Urner's Of Bakersfield - "Silicone Restoration Membrane (SRM)" Project Details

Commercial Roof Restoration Without Major Construction

Our SRM services will provide you with the roofing system you can rely on for years to come. We know your business is unique, and there’s no perfect solution, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing your building is protected once you have our warranty.

Here's What Urner's & Z's Please Sleep Center SRM Project Looked Like:

  • 1
    We started with an inferred inspection to check for saturated areas and find repairs that needed to be completed.
  • 2
    From there we repaired and removed saturated areas below the membrane.
  • 3
    Following the repairs, we power washed to remove substances that can ruin the application.,
  • 4
    Our technicians tested for adhesion to see whether the roof will need a primer.
  • 5
    Next, we reinforced the seems by installing flashing and reinforcing tape.
  • 6
    Once repairs were complete we proceeded to spray the silicone membrane over the current roof. In this situation, the manufactures called for a thicker coating so we applied multiple layers.
  • 7
    After the application process, a third-party representative completed a final examination to confirm the job was done within manufacturing guidelines. Fortunately, the project passed inspection, and our clients were issued our solid guarantee and warranty.
Bakersfield TPO Company

The result? A newly Restored Roofing System without shutting down operations or paying for major construction.

Here are the Kind of Results Property Owners see with SRM Services

"My roof no longer fears the rain thanks to Superior Roofing..."

"My roof needed to be repaired before a rainstorm, that was forecast, hit our town. Sergio gave me a fast and reasonable estimate and the work was completed by a hard-working, respectful crew before the rain hit. His office staff was also very helpful and made it easy for me to submit the required paperwork and schedule an emergency appointment.

My roof no longer fears the rain thanks to Superior Roofing!When I am ready to replace our existing roof, I will be looking their way."

Jerry R. 5 Star Yelp Roofing Review in Bakersfield, CA.

Jerry R.

Yelp Review Bakersfield, CA

"Would highly recommend..."

"Needed fascia board replaced due to wood rot. Job was completed same day quote was approved. Looks great and work is quality. Would highly recommend."

Jason Wallace

Bakersfield Property Owner

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"Did a great job!"

"We used these guys a few years ago on our church. Did a great job! Would definitely use them again. Unsolicited comment. Just telling the truth."

Superior Roofing Bakersfield Facebook Review


Church Building Owner, Bakersfield CA.

"I would hire this business again and have recommended them to others."

"I chose Superior because I could communicate by email to ask my questions and clarify any concerns before during and after the work. I received one other bid to know that the price was fair. I learned a lot from both companies in order to make my decisions. I opted for a thick, 50-year life roof which added to the price, but I will save me heating and cooling costs. Of course it included the required extra insulation in the ceiling crawl space which will also help the bills. I absolutely love the patio cover. I lived here for years without one. It is pretty standard and I chose white roofing. It stayed pretty cool all summer.

The painting was done by another professional who did an oil-based primer and paint to extend its life. I waited too long to do this review and have forgotten most of what I had thought of when the work was done. There is only one small flaw in one shingle over the garage that prevents me from saying it was a perfect job.

I would hire this business again and have recommended them to others. To all who have their garage roof replaced, if you can see the wood roof from inside and if it has gaps, cover everything in the garage. I didn't even think about it and am still finding old roof debris. Superior offered to clean up the garage, but I didn't allow them to do it"

Angies List Review

Re-roof for 1256 sq ft home in Bakersfield

Okay, Now It’s Time To Make A Decision.
Remember, there are simply two choices…

  • You can invest in a complete re-roof where you’ll pay a minimum of $8 per square foot and most likely need to shut down operations due to tear-offs and heavy construction. This could be a good option for a business with time to spare (which I can't think of any successful companies that have the luxury of time) to store a particular product in specific atmospheric conditions.
  • You can go with our SRM solution and pay nearly half. And remember, the most significant advantage of an SRM installation is the project is NOT deemed a new roof layer. This is important for the buildings that may already have two layers. California building codes will not allow for an additional roofing system. The way to get around a complete tear-off is SRM coating. So let’s eliminate those building maintenance headaches and invest in a roofing restoration solution that is 45% of the total replacement cost.

If this sounds like a good opportunity, let's set up a time to talk. And remember, you'll be getting the best warranty you can find to have true peace of mind knowing your property is protected. 

All you need to do is book an appointment with us, and we'll take the time to learn about your project goals and give you a free, 100% accurate bid for the project. 

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