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February 24, 2016

Replacing or installing fascia board can be an extra plus to your home’s roof. If you see your fascia board rotting away then it’s probably time to replace it. Give your home a facelift with new fascia board.

There are several advantages of having fascia board on your home’s roof. One of the main reasons is it looks very appealing to your visitors. It gives you home that detailed look everyone is looking for.

What is Fascia Board?

The main reason you would install fascia board on your home is to secure your gutter that runs along the bottom of your roof. We have also found that properly installed fascia board can increase your home’s value because of the attractiveness it brings to a person’s home.

If you do fascia board properly it is inexpensive and long lasting depending on the type of environment you live in. Although fascia board is an extra feature you can add and not a requirement we always recommend fascia to our customers because the pros always outweigh the cons.

Always choose quality wood for your fascia board

Avoid going cheap in this area of your fascia board. You will want to seek out quality wood for several reasons:

  1. You don’t want your wood to decay quickly having to replace it more often than necessary.
  2. Choose quality wood with grains. This will keep the fascia board from splitting.
  3. Depending on your local area these are the types of wood we recommend:
    1. Cedar or Cypress
    2. Natural decay resistant.
    3. Construction wood from pine, or fir.
  4. Aluminum can also be used with your wood to give it a nice trim and allow it to last longer.

Use high caliber nails

Whether you are installing the fascia board or you hire a contractor we Superior Roofing recommends you invest in the highest quality building nails. We believe this is a huge factor in how long your fascia will last you.

High quality galvanized nails are pricey but using these on your fascia board will ensure your fascia last through the times.

Common nails may be a lot less expensive but remember you are also supporting your gutter with the fascia board. For this reason, a lot of us get gutters filled up with debris over time from weather conditions making the gutters heavier than usual.

As a result, your fascia board will be under more stress and have to support that extra weight until we get around to cleaning out the gutter.

Slap on some paint

Lastly, Superior Roofing recommends that you paint your fascia board with quality water resistant pain. This will give your new fascia board that appealing look you desire.

Of course, you will want to match your fascia board to whatever type of material your home is covered in. You can do this with the help of your local painting store.

Grab a couple of colors and see which one you like the most. Paint one side, and get a better look from the street to get a feel for what your fascia will look like. Once you have made your decision primer and paint your new fascia board.

Get a hold of us  

If you’re looking into new or want to replace your old fascia board, Superior Roofing has the knowledge to get this into action.

Your first step is to contact us so we can go out to your home and give you a more detailed consultation on how we go about fascia boards for homes.

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