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October 12, 2020

Is your home in Bakersfield ready for heavy wind and rain? I'm sure you'd agree peace of mind is more valuable than ever these days.

And this time of year is perfect for a roofing tune-up...

Our roofs our similar to vehicles, they need attention and regular maintenance.

This is even more important for properties that have trees hanging over them.

You see, over time gutters get clogged and metal expands causing roofing material to lose its efficiency.

As a result, flashing begins to crack and other areas won't seal as properly.

Our roofing systems deteriorate in small percentages and almost never fail from one occurrence.

So this is why fitting a roof tune-up into the budget would be a good idea. You want to invest in maintenance to get the most life out of your roof as possible.

And not only do roof tune-ups seal leaks, but also allow you to use your warranty.

Many roofing companies offer long-term roof replacement warranties but fail to explain regular maintenance is required to keep it valid.

Also, if you're thinking about selling your home it would be wise to service your roof and get it ready for the market...

We get several calls a week from people who are in a hurry to do repairs because they're trying to close escrow.

Here's how that goes:

The seller is in the middle of escrow but they find roofing issues the inspection contingency.

Now at this point, the inspector calls for a roof repair and certification from a licensed contractor (keep in mind this must be completed to close the home sale).

So now the seller is rushing to get this complete to close on time. If you've ever been in escrow you know a situation like this puts tremendous stress on everyone involved in the transaction.

And guess what? The homeowner is in the hot seat and it's all on them to get it resolved.

Now we understand not many sellers are aware of this type of situation but a good realtor will prepare you for up and coming challenges.

So now that we understand the importance of servicing our roofs, let's talk about what a tune-up will looks like...

We Start With A Thorough Roof Inspection

Roof Tune-Up

A professional and licensed roofer in Bakersfield knows they need to do an intensive inspection to see if there's damage.

They should check the attic for sufficient insulation and be sure the R-Value is correct. Also, we want to make sure there's proper ventilation and that there's no mold growing.

Checking on materials within the roof is important as well. Several components make up a solid roofing system. It's not just shingles and wood.

On most residential roofs you'll find tile or composition shingles. Specifically, we want to be sure flashing, valleys, shingles, gutters, pipes, and vents are all intact and sealed properly.

Now, most homeowners can see obvious signs of roof damage but it takes a trained eye to spot other types of damage that could affect your property.

Roof Repairs and Tune-Up

Now that we've inspected the roof it's time to get it fine-tuned and in tip-top shape.

A lot of the time we'll need to:

  • Fasten or replace loose or broken shingles.
  • Seal and secure flashing.
  • Reseal all pipes and penetrations.
  • Open up valleys and clean out debris.
  • Replace underlayment as needed.
  • And of course, offer a warranty on the work.

What If I Have A Metal Roof?

Metal roofs usually do not need regular servicing. That is why they are more expensive than composition shingles. It's a set it and forget it type of project.

Unlike composition roofs, they don't have the same problems as broken shingles, nails, or other materials that could get loose.

And if there is an issue with your metal roof it's probably time to replace the entire system.

However, by then you should have gotten at least 30 years of out it.

Metal Roof Graphic

What's Next?

Roof Tune-Ups are something you want to do before extreme weather conditions hit.

That said, it's time to take action. Many homeowners wait until it's too late to service their roofs and that causes stress and heavy financial burdens.

We don't want that for you and encourage you to call a licensed contractor to help tune-up your roof.

Our office gets calls every rainstorm from homeowners who wait to service their roofs and who are trying to close escrow.

Make sure you're proactive and doing the small things before problems compound into major issues.

If you'd like to set an appointment please call our friendly staff at 661-679-6923 (Mon-Fri 8 AM - 5 PM).

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