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September 2, 2020

As a homeowner, you're always making decisions that can either save or cost you money.

And one of the largest investments you'll make into your home is a new roof. Shouldn't you be able to determine what a successful project looks like?

After everything is complete, you'll see a beautiful new roof but looks can be deceiving. And there's a possibility that the roof was developed with poor craftsmanship.

Now please don't get us wrong and we're not trying to worry you. Matter of fact, most contractors in Bakersfield do fantastic work.

On the other hand, there are "fly by night" roofers whose goal is to make large profits as fast as possible.

They run from town to town looking for people to take advantage of...

...so as a property owner you need to be aware and educated on the re-roof process.

Except most of our customers are not qualified to make such a determination.

The good news is, you don't need to be a roofing expert and it does not take years of experience to spot a poor roofing job.

In this article we'll go over a few simple ways to know if you're working with a roofing professional. 

The appearance doesn't' look right:

When the neighbors get a new roof we admire at how great it looks right?

Well, if you're new roof does not come out like you visualized than something may be off.

The key here is to be sure your shingles are consistent throughout the entire roof. If you see shingles out of place or have a different colors you should ask your contractor about it.

Get another opinion from someone you trust.

If shingles are not uninformed it could mean your roofer rushed through the work without considering important steps. 

Further, the contractor may have not ordered enough material to complete the job. This is very unprofessional and should be called out.

Be aware of these types of gimmicks.

Dishonest roofers will give you an estimate for a complete re-roof and try to increase profits by not buying all material necessary. 👎

New Shingles Easily Blow Away:

If you replaced your roof and a storm hits and blows off a few shingles, that could indicate poor quality work.

Yes, shingles get blow away from severe storms but if your house is the only one in the neighborhood missing shingles, that's not a good sign.

It would be a good idea to check the perimeter of your home after extreme weather to make sure everything is intact.

And obviously, if you spot leaks after a re-roof there's a defect. Contact your contractor and get the issue fixed immediately.

We all understand mistakes happen. At times roofers get in a hurry and don't use all the fasteners necessary.

You see, professional roofers have a rule of thumb on how many nails are needed to secure a shingle.

But let's face it, people love to take short cuts and as soon as high winds approach shingles go airborne.

This is something you can't control but it's good to understand how roofing mistakes happen.

Roofers must take their time. They should fasten all shingles, flashing, and other essential material.

No Underlayment or poor quality underlayment was installed:

Roofing systems are more complex than homeowners think (there are several layers that protect your home).

And if your roofer fails to install underlayment it will leave your home vulnerable to water.

Not good.

The underlayment is installed on top of the wood deck and under other roofing elements.

This is a critical step and will deliver extra roofing protection against extreme weather.

So ask your contractor about underlayment and be sure they're using good material.

Recognize Drip Edge, Flashing and Sealant Problems

This could be more difficult to spot if you're not a familiar with roofing work. But questions and concerns go a long way.

Here's a quick definition of drip edge, flashing and sealants:

drip edge flashing on roof

Drip Edge

Drip edge is usually installed at the edge of your roof underneath your shingles. A properly installed drip edge leads water away from the fascia board.

roof flashing diagram


Flashing is installed where shingles meet with other surfaces (chimneys, walls, eaves, etc). Flashing also plays a role in protecting your roof deck from water.

Roof Sealant


Sealants are added to help with extra leak protection and increase the life of the roof. They're especially helpful on flat roofing systems where water tends to form puddles. Our recommended brand is GAF Roofshield. 

Be Aware Of Installation Wreckage

There's a lot of foot traffic during a re-roof and sometimes workers damage things throughout the project.

Be certain your roof does not have an outrageous amount of footprints and debris leftover.

Roofers should be cleaning up at the end of the day and notify you if something is damaged.

Get the best warranty possible.

All these tips will help but a solid warranty will give you peace of mind and should be discussed in detail.

Get an understanding of the different warranties.

Again a roof replacement is a large investment and mistakes happen during development...

And because of this, you'll want to be sure your investment is covered. Ask about the details of the warranty and get specifics.

For example, ask what the warranty DOES NOT cover so you're prepared for additional cost after the project is complete.

(Another question to ask is if you need to do regular maintenance for the warranty to be valid).

Now the manufacturer warranty is separate and covers your roofing shingles.

It's important to understand the craftsmanship and manufacture warranty are from different companies.

Do your homework and once you've selected the shingles you want to be sure the contractor is a certified installer.

Every good roofing company will guarantee their work and should have no problem giving you at least a 10-year warranty.

So if you're getting ready to start a roofing project these fundamentals will help you manage the project with more confidence.

Feel free to reach out with questions or to book a consultation. We'll answer all your questions, address concerns, inspect your roof, and customize an accurate and well-presented quote that shows the reality in all the details (no hidden cost or fine print)...

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