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Benefits of metal roofing

Metal roofing installed on residential property is usually constructed of steel, copper, and or aluminum. To prevent the metal roofing from rusting over time rolls of 24/26 gauge steel covers are coated with metallic then painted with an attractive finish. If you are using aluminum roofing the metallic finish is not needed but may be added for a better appearance. However, if you’re applying copper you won’t need to paint or coat due to it weathering without corrosion. Another option is to use copper for other features like the gutters and drains.

Metal roofing products are covered with galvanized or a combination of aluminum and zincalume. Research has shown that galvalume provides a lengthier lifespan. Depending on your budget you can purchase coatings that are several layers thick. A rule of thumb is that the thicker the coating the longer life you will get out of your metal roof. Something to take into consideration when speaking with a trusted roofing company in Bakersfield, CA. Feel free to reach out with questions. Our friendly certified estimators are standing by ready to answer all of your questions.

Proven Performance 

You can expect 50 plus years out of your metal roofing system. For homeowners that worry free for the entire time you’re at the property.

Fast & Easy Installation

Your metal roofing products will most likely come in several different shingle portions. An experienced Bakersfield roofing contractor will be able to install your new roof with ease.

Heat and Wind Resistance

Due to metal roofing products being noncumustible they usually get a high fire restiance score. They’ll also impermeable to wind, rain and snow.

Energy Bill Saver

Metal Roofs are on the cutting edge of technology and have a broad spectrum of coating, development, and color pallates. This delivers maximum energy savings for you home.

GAF Certified Roofer

Superior Roofing of Bakersfield, Ca has GAF certified roofers on Staff. GAF is one of the most respected and leading roofing manufacturers in North America.

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