Residential and Commercial Roof Maintenance in Bakersfield

Roof maintenance is essential to boost lifespan. If you have a flat roof, metal roof, composition, or tile roof you'll want to perform regular upkeep. Get a no-cost, no-obligation estimate for roof care service today. 

roofing upkeep in Bakersfield California

Key Roof Maintenance Benefits

Think of a roofing system like you would a vehicle. Both need regular maintenance.

Leak Control

Don't wait until rain is pouring down to discover you have a compromised roof.

Efficiency Boost

When your roofing system performs at its peak, your home stays cooler and more secure.

Maintain Warranty

Most contractors require you to perform roof maintenance to validate the workmanship warranty.

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Roof Maintenance is Essential

Every roofing system needs maintenance performed once a year. Roofing maintenance is essential regardless of property class (commercial, residential, multi-family, apartments, or manufactured) and especially if many trees encompass the roof. 

If possible, have the contractor who installed the roofing system perform regular maintenance. That way, you have a record of upkeep if you need to use a workmanship warranty. In particular, get a roof inspection after severe wind storms and/or prolonged rain.

One thing is for sure, water finds its way through any crack or penetration. You see, roofs are designed to protect your home with several different components. Because of this, be sure to check the following apart from the shingles and membranes:

  • Pipe penetrations
  • Underlayment
  • All metal with penetrations
  • Vents
  • TPO accessories
  • Skylights
  • Reflective coating

And be advised, depending on the manufacturer, many of these components will not be covered under product warranty. Nevertheless, it's important to inspect these additions to maintain the roofing system's integrity.

General care
We often see property owners make a common mistake: letting just anyone walk on the roof. Only allow access to people who understand proper roof procedures. This practice is pivotal to avoiding damage, especially with a Spanish tile roof.

Now a simple way to keep your roof in good condition is to REMOVE DEBRIS by bagging or by leaf blower. Also, clean moss or mildew to prevent build-up. And if you see oil or grease, you can remove it with a product called "Grease Away", commonly used on restaurant buildings. Additionally, you'll need to inspect the shingle to ensure they're not cracked, loose, or worn. Equally important, if you need to install satellite dishes, antennas, or solar panels, notify the materials manufacturer and get recommendations.

You'll also need to inspect…

All metal flashing.
It's no secrete a visual inspection can help identify problems like cracks or penetrations. Check that the roof flashing is adequately attached and there are no visible gaps. If you spot metal flashing that's been compromised, add it to a fix-it list. REMEMBER. Water always makes its way to where metal and roofing material meet.

Other important roofing components.
Roof maintenance goes beyond shingles. Inspect other materials that compose your roof, like (1) fascia boards, (2) gutters, and (3) downspouts...

If any of these become defective, it could compromise the roofing system. Additionally, be sure water is flowing correctly when it begins to downpour. When a roof does not direct water flow properly, fascia boards tend to get rotted.

Check Skylights, vents, and flashing metal along with the chimney.
These accessories have several seams and joints and may lead to roofing issues. Keep in mind. Water will always find an available path. As a result, your entire roofing system needs to be watertight.

Inspect Roof Coating and TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin)
If you're like most homeowners in Bakersfield, California, you probably have a patio built up with a coating or TPO.

Start with a visual inspection and be watchful for noticeable damage. A significant amount of foot traffic or strong winds can create issues. Additionally, check for signs of puddling water. If gutters or scuppers are not performing correctly, a flat roof design will not redirect water properly.

Lastly, include a maintenance contract in your next roofing project. Regular maintenance will help keep your roof performing at its peak and hold roofing contractors accountable.

If you have questions reach out and we'll set up you up with a free roofing inspection and estimate. 

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