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February 24, 2016

We understand buying new windows or doors for your home is not an activity you do on a regular basis. Allow us to help you through this process. Superior Roofing wants to be your guide so you can feel great about the decisions you made for your home.

Some projects are less difficult than others so if you’re in need of a professional we have the experience and tools to complete your home’s new windows and doors the correct way.

Once you have decided on the type of windows and doors you want for your home it’s time to call in the professionals.

Now if you’re the handy type of person and enjoy the intricacies of home improvement here is a great guide we found that can assist you along the way:  How to do it yourself. 

In this section, we would like to go over the overall process of installing new windows and doors for your home. We enjoy educating our customers on our procedures so you have an understanding of how Superior Roofing conducts the windows and doors jobs.

Take the day off if possible

It’s always good for everyone involved to be on the same page so if you can be at the house while we are installing it would make communication a lot easier.

This will also ensure that the work being performed by our crew is to your liking and we don’t have to come back for corrections. And while we’re there the best thing you can do is trust our professionals and let them do their jobs unless you spot an unsafe work atmosphere. In this case, we encourage you to shut the project down until safety is put back into practice.

How to prepare before we arrive

Like we mention before we always want to be on the same page so it’s a good idea that you confirm our time and day we are going to be working at your home. Although our office is very good at booking appointments and conveying information to our working crews we still recommend confirming your appointment.

Additionally, you will want to mark any doors and windows that you don’t want to replace. Go ahead and leave obvious post-its to inform the workers on what to remove and what to keep. We would hate to start tearing out windows or doors you had intentions on keeping.

Time to start the actual work

On an average size home, it will usually take us 2-3 days to complete the entire job. That’s from tear out to clean-up. The day we arrive the foreman in charge will do a thorough walk-through with you so the crew understands exactly what you have in mind and our workers can plan ahead accordingly.

Once the crew gets busy removing the old windows we encourage to check on us once in a while to be absolutely sure everything is going as planned. Again we want to really put in emphasis on communication. Good communication will save all of us time and money.

After the removal of your windows and doors, we will now begin the actual installation process and depending on how large your home is and how many crew members we will usually complete most of the job on the first day.

One of the most important final steps of your installation is the exterior trim installment. This will keep your home airtight making the house a lot more energy efficient. As most crew members work on the exterior trim others will be cleaning up and loading our trucks to be hauled off.

Superior Roofing will always leave your home as clean as before we begin the project. Although the cleanup portion of the job is simple we take pride in our work and want to have the utmost respect for your home.

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