Re-Roof Project Case Study in Bakersfield


The residents of this beautiful home in the 93309 area needed to replace their roofing system that had reached the end of its life. The homeowners also wanted to install solar in order to save on energy and add even more value to their home. Our customers knew replacing their roof was not going to be an easy task.

Core Challenges:

  • Hiring a dependable contractor.
  • Obtaining a permit to conduct construction work.
  • Protecting the home and landscape.
  • Roof deck inspection.
  • Quality of material.
  • Workmanship and site clean-up.
  • Warranty.


Our new customers on Shetland Dr. Bakersfield, CA hired us to tackle this roof replacement project so our team of expert roofers went to work.

Here are the key tasks we carried out to deliver a successful project:

Removed existing roof down to the sheathing. 

This takes an experienced team that understands the importance of protecting your home.

The first thing we had to do is get a building permit through the County of Kern. This alone has its challenges and many roofers will bypass this part to save time and money but we refuse to cut corners.

1) We set up the job to be more efficient at cleaning up. 

This prevents old materials such as nails and other debris from damaging the property.

2) From there, our crew stripped the old roofing down to the sheathing (wood deck below shingles). It's important to get this right and not leave one bit of shingles left over.

After we remove the existing roof, building inspectors investigate sheathing to make sure plywood is installed properly.

3) This property was wide open so we did not have issues parking our trash containers. But, every home is unique and some properties create tear out challenges.

Our roofers are trained to handle heavy shingles so disposing of the old material was not a problem.

Installed 7/16 oriented strand board (OSB) plywood

We have a go-to process when installing plywood and pass inspections 95% of the time.

Your roof sheathing is very important and often overlooked. The roof deck builds up your roofing system and also protects from potential fires. 

Installed ASTM Felt Underlayment 

The underlayment is another barrier to help strengthen your roof. We use top of the line underlayment to give you the best protection possible.

Install Vents To comply with Kern County Building Codes

You want to be sure there is plenty of air flowing through your attic. Proper ventilation will prolong the life of your roof and reduce energy usage.

Install GAF cool color lifetime composition shingles.

Superior Roofing is a certified installer for GAF. These shingles came out beautiful and the solar made it even more attractive.

The GAF reflective shingles plus the solar panels will help our customers save a ton of energy throughout the year.

To give you an overview of this re-roof project here is the complete job description:

  • Remove existing roof.
  • Install OSB (oriented strand board) plywood.
  • Install leak barrier to all valleys and penetrations to achieve lifetime warranty.
  • Install enamel drip edge.
  • Install valley metal.
  • Replace all pipe flashing.
  • Install felt underlayment.
  • Install vents as needed per building codes.
  • Paint all pipes and vents to match shingles.
  • Install GAF Cool Color lifetime composition shingles.
  • Replace crickets with TPO.
  • Install raised profile ridge to match shingles.
  • Daily clean up and disposal of all materials.

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