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When it comes to clay tile roof installation you will discover many options due to the popularity of these roofing products in the Bakersfield area. As a certified installer for GAF, Certain Teed, Owens Corning, and Eagle Roofing Products we recommend clay tile roofing if you’re wanting longevity. We can help you find the best clay tile option for your home. Click to call today at (661) 679-6923 to schedule a consultation and roofing quote.

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Clay Tile Roofing: Is It A Good Fit For Your Home?

Typically there are two options to choose the roofing of your – concrete or tiles. The tiles employed in tile roofing are made from clay-based materials like terracotta or slate.

Tile roofing is one of the oldest architectural practices known to man and has been found across a variety of civilizations and cultures all around the world.This is due to the numerous advantages and practicality of clay tile roofing.

Advantages of Clay Tile RoofingOne of the major benefits of using clay tiles evident from archaeology is their sheer longevity. They are some of the most durable and resistant materials used for construction and lining of roofs.

They are water resistant and thus the normal problems associated with seepage, which are present in concrete roofing, will not affect them. This means your house will not get waterlogged and you won’t require costly maintenance down the line.

Clay tiles are also very sturdy against the elements and can withstand heat, cold and other extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, they are resistant to rots or catching fire. All this means that in the long run, opting for a clay tiled roof is one of the safest and the most cost-efficient decision to make when building a house. They also make a great insulating system, keeping the home cool in summers and warm in winters.

Disadvantages of Clay Tile RoofingClay tiles are generally on the pricier side due to their manufacturing process. Therefore, your initial investment will be high.

Moreover, these tiles are significantly heavy so you will need to invest in constructing a proper heavy duty roof which can withstand all that weight.

Also, despite their durability against the elements, they are fragile and cannot bear weight. If a repairman needs to go to the roof for any purpose and steps on them, the chances are you will probably have to set some amount aside for tile replacement.

InstallationThere are all kinds of colors and varieties available in clay tiles. You have the classic terracotta tiles which have an earthly red-brown color. They make for a nice classic look and are aesthetically appealing.

Other than this, the most commonly used colors are pink, clay red, Forrest green, moss green, dark brown, tobacco or blends of numerous colors.

Modern manufacturers incorporate the latest technology into the process so you can have all kinds of colors at your disposal.

Installation is mainly based on factors like the base of the roof, the angle at which tiles are to be placed, the design of the tiles, etc.

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