Glenbrook Apartment TPO Installation in Northeast Bakersfield


The property owners of the apartments on 3902 Glenbrook Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93306 were ready to upgrade their roofing system. They were looking for a replacement solution that'll be reliable and protect their tenants. Our clients had many options available to them including built-up roofing, metal roofing, and silicone restoration membrane (SRM). However, they went with the proven performance of TPO thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO).

Core Challenges:

  • Hiring a dependable contractor.
  • Tearing off existing roofing materials without damaging the tenant's property.
  • How to getting the best warranty possible.
  • Replacing rotted nailers and plywood that passes building codes.
  • Fastening layers of TPO over the roof deck.
  • Workmanship and site clean-up.
  • Sealing all pipe penetrations.


This TPO project was no walk in the park and not for amateurs. Our clients, the property owners of the Glenbrook apartments in Northeast Bakersfield, were ready to upgrade their roofing system and needed a reliable, durable, and energy-efficient roof that they could rely on.

There're many options out there for commercial roofing so we had to discern the best solution for this particular building. When researching commercial roofing systems you’ll find TPO, build up membrane, PVC, modified bitumen roofing, thermoset roof membrane (EPDM), and a few others. As you know we narrowed it down to TPO due to the environment and current state of the roof.

There’s been concerns in the roofing industry about TPO aging sooner than expected due to Bakersfield's intense heat. However, this could be due to faulty installation and penny-pinching on materials. We can assure you Superior Roofing uses only but the best roofing supplies from GAF and are certified installers with the manufacturer. Not only that we offer the best service warranty and install TPO exactly how GAF recommends so your warranty is always valid.

Once both parties agreed on the details we commenced a highly trained team of installers to execute the project successfully.

The first order of business is we had to tear off an existing built-up hot mop. 

This was no easy task and to comply with city regulations and building codes the tear-off had to be done safely.

On top of the hot mop removal, we detached existing flashing and all the other metal that needed to be replaced. Additionally, we needed to get the existing materials safely into our truck bins and haul them to the Kern County Waste Management Department off Edison Hwy.

Once the layers were removed, our experts got busy and inspected the existing built-up nailers to see if they needed replacing. Once those were identified we replaced them with new wood that matched the existing thickness. This is an important phase of the project because the thickness cannot be less than it was before. If done out of accordance with building standards we would not only fail the building inspection but be constantly susceptible to leaks.

We also had to inspect the existing insulation and wood deck to make sure it would pass building codes. Once we pinpointed the problem areas our roofers removed and replaced damaged insulation and wood deck such as the facia board and plywood. Having a professional install the new insulation and wood deck is critical before laying any type of roofing material.

Today more than ever, TPO manufacturers recommend specific flashing heights so our installers added additional wood blocking at curb penetrations. This guarantees our client gets the manufacturer's warranty. Roofing materials take a toll and when you’re investing in a new roof for a commercial building you want to be certain your contractor installs everything by the book.

And in today’s competitive marketplace, building owners need to achieve the manufacturer's warranty and the service warranty. To help our clients to lock in their warranties we mechanically installed 60 mil TPO to the entire roofing system per manufacturer recommendations. If this is not installed exactly how the manufacturer suggests the entire warranty could be deemed invalid. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this happen to entrepreneurs who hire incompetent and non-certified contractors to install TPO.

Another concern for TPO is pipe penetrations and corners peeling soon after installation. This allows liquid to get underneath the material and form leaks. Therefore, we installed all new pipe boots and pitch pans with manufactured installed approved fillers. This will not only ensure any leaks around pipes but if there are blunders in the process of installation or material fails, the warranty will cover repairs.

Next was installing out of the box 24 gauge Kynar finished perimeter with the metal drip edge. And in addition to the perimeter, the drip edge and counter-flashing were installed following manufacturer suggestions. Again we cannot empathize enough how important installing this material exactly how the manufacturer recommends it.

And last but not least, our TPO crew takes pride in leaving the job site clean each day. Even though it's a construction zone, we understand the apartments are people's homes and want to ensure they are in good hands.

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