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Client Case Study: See How We Consistently Implement Successful Roof Replacements in Bakersfield, California.


If you have any experience with home improvement, you know a re-roof is as intense as it gets. For this reason, our clients knew their roof was at the end of its life, so they called us in to replace the entire system. The roof replacement project was located near Bakersfield College in Northeast Bakersfield, CA 93305 zip code.

Core Challenges:

  • Finding a trustworthy and licensed contractor.
  • Removing old roofing material without damaging siding or other property.
  • Understanding and acquiring a service and material warranty.
  • Passing sheathing and final inspection.
  • Re-roofing patio with TPO.
  • Sealing all penetrations and making roof watertight.

The Solution

The Radcliffe residential roof replacement project just west of Bakersfield College in the 93305 zip code of Bakersfield, CA. This project differed slightly from your standard re-roof. The reason is our client had a damaged patio and needed it repaired. Also, several roofing deck areas (also called sheathing) were rotted and needed to be replaced and brought up to code.

This re-roof in Bakersfield threw us a curveball, but it's nothing we haven't dealt with before. We were very confident we could get the roof replacement done with supreme craftsmanship and at a great price.

So today, we want to lay out the entire process. It's nothing complicated and has the potential to help you through your roofing project venture.

It's no secret our clients were facing problems with their old roofing system, and our estimator knew it was on its last leg. The existing roof was at least 20 years old, and the entire system was out of date. For example, we spotted daylight in several decking areas with worn-out roof valleys and curled shingles.

One thing is sure, the roof wasn't ready for the winter, making it a liability to the entire home. Yes, our clients could have tried to repair certain areas, but that wouldn't last long. The only thing repairs would have accomplished prolonged the inevitable, which is replacing the roofing system.

Listen, roofing systems can easily slip out of our radar if we don't check on them periodically. And unfortunately, low-performing roofs have the potential to cause more damage than necessary when not kept. Yes, a total replacement is costly and could be an intimidating process. Still, if you ignore your roof, you're neglecting your home, and there are dangerous consequences to this.

To give you an example, an older roof that is not repaired or replaced can play havoc on the home's interior. If this happens, you'll be looking at a new roof expense and may need to fix other issues that arise from water erosion.

Another result of not handling roofing problems is the peeling of exterior paint, mold, and electrical issues. And if that's not enough, you may get hit with shocking utility bills month after month due to an overheated attic during those intense Bakersfield summers.

Of course, we desire that you never have to go through anything remotely close to issues like that. And we were pleased to see our clients on Radcliffe were proactive and hired us to install a new roofing system.

The homeowners seized the opportunity and took advantage of our free roofing service quote and consultation.

Our estimator completed a thorough inspection of the roof, answered all their questions, and sent them a detailed and 100% accurate bid.

Once our clients were ready to move forward, they signed the necessary paperwork, which protects both parties if something goes wrong. IT WAS NOW TIME TO START THE RE-ROOF WITH GAF TIMBERLINE COOL COLOR LIFETIME COMPOSITION SHINGLES...

Notable Service #1
Tear Off Old Shingles

To begin with, we scheduled a convenient time for our crew to start the removal of the old roofing materials. It's important to note that when you begin a tear-off, the weather must be clear (you don't want to expose the interior of your home if there's rain in the forecast).

Once we removed the shingles, the county inspectors came out to check the sheathing. Inspectors will ensure the existing sheathing is intact and can handle a new roofing system. If the inspector finds molded plywood or weak spots in the roof deck, we will replace those sections to get the structure up to the building code.

An excellent licensed contractor will secure all permits get pulled from either Bakersfield or Kern County building department. We've heard of roof replacement projects completed by friends and family and have expensive troubles because the re-roof process was not executed correctly.

Another motive to employ a licensed contractor is to add value to your home or sell in the future. If this is the case, the bank and homebuyers will ask for proof of installation and permits. So think twice before hiring a handyman or want to take on the project yourself. There's a lot more to a re-roof venture than labor and materials.

Notable Service #2
Leak Barriers & Drip-Edge

Another important task was to install leak barriers and baked-on enamel drip edge metal to all the valleys. This step is essential because each penetration needs sealing to keep water from making its way through the roof.

This metal refers to the flashing that shields the edges of your roof, which is another condition that needs to be met per Kern County Building codes. Also, if the flashing is not positioned and secured correctly, shingles could be defective.

Notable Service #3
Pipe Flashings

While the drip edge was being installed, we replaced the old pipe flashings with brand new galvanized metal. Moisture always finds its way through round objects, and those tiny cracks need to be watertight. The metal flashing material we use is the perfect solution to this.

Notable Service #4
Install Underlayment

Once we dealt with pipe flashing, we applied premium 30# ASTM (Asphalt-Saturated Organic Felt) underlayment. Installing underlayment in a manner NOT PER Kern County code of building regulations can sabotage your entire project.

Underlayment plays several roles in an efficient roofing system. For one, it protects the sheathing from moisture so that it won't rot out quickly. The material is water-resistant and acts as a barrier between the shingles and the rest of the roofing material.

On top of that, underlayment is a secondary coating of defense against external elements. If shingles fly off during a wind and rain storm, your underlayment will be the following line of defense. Extremely important that we install this correctly.

Notable Service #5

In any residential property, the Kern County Code of Building Regulations requires a certain amount of attic ventilation. Because of this, we installed vents throughout the roofing system to get excellent airflow in the attic. The proper amount of vents will help your attic from staying cool during the Bakersfield summers.

Notable Service #6
GAF Shingles

In any residential property, the Kern County Code of Building Regulations requires a certain amount of attic ventilation. Because of this, we installed vents throughout the roofing system to get excellent airflow in the attic. The proper amount of vents will help your attic from staying cool during the Bakersfield summers.

Next was installing the GAF COOL COLOR LIFETIME COMPOSITION SHINGLES that our clients chose before the project. Superior Roofing is a certified contractor for GAF and always follows manufacturer recommendations. This way our clients don't have problems with their warranty in the future.

Sometimes homeowners and even contractors will cut corners and install shingles in contrast to manufacturers' suggestions. Once you install shingles the wrong way, manufacturers void their warranty. GAF offers a lifetime guarantee on their composition shingles, and it would be heartbreaking not to be able to get that warranty.

In addition to the main roof, the patio roof required rebuilding. As a result, we restored the patio roof by heat welding top-of-line TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a single-ply roofing membrane). TPO is full proof against environmental elements and, on average, will last 30 years with proper maintenance.

And let's not overlook clean-up. Sometimes large residential re-roofs can take weeks to complete. Although it may not seem like an issue, we do our best to ensure the property gets cleaned up each day. We feel it is essential to respect our clients' property by picking up and sweeping before leaving, even if we're coming back the following day.

If a re-roof project like this intrigues you, take advantage of a free consultation, roof inspection, and service quote today.

Once you go through our consultation, you'll be able to know what steps to take next and have more clarity about your roofing project.

Here's just some of what you'll discover when you book a roofing service estimate:

  • A Spot on, 100% transparent roofing quote, for FREE!
  • Service consultation.
  • Complete Roof inspection…
  • Proof of license, certifications, and insurance.
  • Warranty coverage information....

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