Silicone Restoration Membrane (SRM) Services

If you're trying to avoid a roof tear-off a silicone commercial roof spray may be the solution. SRM coatings were designed to build up your roofing system and prolong the life of your roofing system. You'll be able to restore and upgrade the performance of your roof without major construction. Set up an appointment today and get an accurate estimate and consultation.

Restore Your Commercial Roofing System Without Major Construction

Resilient Texture

As the temperatures in Bakersfield fluctuate, the silicone coatings conform to extreme weather.

Maintain Desired Temperatures

Most commercial buildings mount A/C and heating units on the rooftops. With SRM coatings the units are protected by cooler temperatures because of the white reflective coating.

Not Considered A New Roof Layer

As you may know, California building codes allow a maximum of 2 roofing layers. However, SRM is considered maintenance and allows you to add another layer.

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Silicone Restoration Membrane Construction

Cost Reduction

In most cases, SRM coatings are 4x less than a complete roof replacement on account of not having to tear out the old system.

SRM Roofing Job in Bakersfield

Concise Project Timescale

Our SRM services are simple and installed in a short period of time saving you thousands of dollars on labor.

"Desired, Untold, Commercial 'Roof Replacement Framework' Delivered By Trusted Roofing Company Helps Clients Save Time and Money"

Discover how our commercial customers are replacing their roofing systems without disruptive construction. Most building managers will deal with roof replacements and that can create stress. Many of our customers get overwhelmed by the details but our SRM coatings can help decrease tasks and allow you to operate during the project.

The Problem

Commercial roofing system is out of date or needs to increase its support for future plans.

Our Tried and True Solution

A roof restoration solution that costs nearly half a full replacement. SRM is a white sun reflective spray that is applied to your current roofing structure.

This coating delivers excellent UV protection and is cost-effective making it an obvious choice. You'll get 15-20 years out of the coatings and will have peace of mind knowing your property is protected and operating at peak performance.

You'll be protected in the summer against Bakersfield's intense heat and be 100% water resistant during the rainy seasons. This application is becoming very popular among building managers due to the benefits of the coatings and ease of installation.

Book a consultation today so we can weigh the options for you. Roofing technology is evolving and we'd like to help you make the right decision for your project.

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