TPO Roofing Services in Bakersfield, CA.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is a roofing membrane that has been making  its way into the commercial building scene for the last 20 years. Superior Roofing is a certified installer for GAF TPO products and have been helping building owners all over Bakersfield, CA install new systems. If you're interested in learning how TPO can help your company reach out to book a free quote and consultation.

Tried and true performance you can rely on

Exceeds ASTM standards.

A TPO study conducted by GAF roofing showed roofing surfaces that were older than 8 years old still maintained great performance. 

Energy efficient.

The large degree of reflective white coating can assist your roofing system in cooling down the interior of your home or building. 

Sustained weather protection

When TPO is applied by a certified technician your roof will be protected by all types of inclement weather.

Very Pleased. I was referred my a friend who had her roof done by Superior Roofing. They got the work done quickly in a week after I called, the staff and receptionist were great and made things very easy for me to understand.

Angelique Rodriguez

Simple installation

The last thing you want to do is shut down operations in order install a new roof. Our certified installers have little to no problems with TPO because of the light weight application.

What does this mean for you? Well less time equals less service fees. Get a free consultation today and learn how TPO can help you with your roofing needs.

TPO Residential Project

Designed to be durable

The flexibility of TPO makes it very tear resistant. No matter what changes your property go through, TPO will conform and does not decrease roof efficiency. 

TPO membrane is a synthetic substance and reinforces the membrane. This strengthens your roofing system making it perfect for flat roofs.  

TPO Case Study

GAF Roofing performed a great study on TPO and analyzed 20 samples and zeroed in on specific failure points involving erosion and surface peeling as well as other factors due to aging.

TPO Membrane has been proven off the manufacturing line and in a 20-year-old ages roof located in the United States.

If applied properly by a certified contractor the history of TPO is phenomenal and we recommend it to all of our commercial clients.

The Problem

Urner's of Bakersfield was planning on installing solar panels but after a detailed inspection the existing roofing system was not able to support the weight of the new panels. This delayed the process of Urner's reaching their long term energy goals.

The Solution

Urner's hired Superior Roofing to restore their roofing systems with silicone restoration membrane (SRM or Silicone Roof Coating) and avoided the need to replace the entire system.

The Results: Urner's successfully restored their roofing system and saved thousands of dollars in labor cost, materials, and never had to shut down operations. Now Urner's is back on track to hit their long-term energy goals.

So building owners and managers, do you want results like these for your roofing system?

If so, we have great news. We have the ability and experience to get you results just like this. So take advantage of a no-obligation roofing inspection and roofing quote today! Feel free to message our business page or call our office (661) 679-6923

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